Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tis better to loved and losted

Well its been a while since i wrote a normal blog so i dont even know where to begin. Should i tell you about the bike kids from Eau Claire, my cramped car ride from Minot to Bismark and the punk rock show, my time in Rugby and the pros and cons of Holstein vs. Angus cows, why every one should bring a friend to Climax Minnesota or should i tell you about the awesome bike path from Laporte to Baxter.

So i think i will just make a list of all the things Loved and Lost

Bike gloves--Left at home
Clip to one of my bags--in route to North Bend Wa
Water bottle-- Vantage Wa
Bike -- Spokane Wa bus 28
Hex wrench--Pend Orille Id
Wool socks-- White fish Mt
Water bottle-- Haver Mt (given to hitch hiker)
Hi Lo sweat shirt-- Minot Nd
Bank card--Minot Nd
Chelsea's water bottle -- Minot Nd
cotton socks--????

If you find any of these things please get in contact with me


Special thanks to Pam & Wayne for saving me from the thunder storm and the apple pie.


Grace said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Bert
Glad to hear things are going well.
I'm amazed at what good time you are making.
Wish I had read this log entry before I went to Vantage on Wednesday, I was in Ellensburg for a conference and drove out to see the Columbia one evening, I would have kept an eye out for your water bottle.
Keep up the peddling.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Grace. I hope you found your bike, because you've been peddling something this whole time. It wouldn't be a Bert trip if you didn't misplace things. I rode the ferry to Bremerton to get my motorcycle, and when I got off, I realized that I not only forgot my mom's house key back in Kent, but my motorcycle key as well. I had to borrow Ken's truck and waste a lot of gas to drive and get my key.

Eleanor the Great said...

I, also, hope that you found your bike, at least. I lose things all the time, so I understand this list very well.

It wouldn't let me actually post the picture, so here's the link. :)