Thursday, July 10, 2008

HELLO New York

Sorry i haven't written anything on my blog for a while and that i left it on such a down note. The day after that post i hit a string of awesome people who took me in to there homes and feed me some great food.

well i past through Michigan in to Ontario had some frys and gravy then checked out Niagara falls and now I'm in the final leg of my trip 200 miles left and five days till i see my love Chelsea in NYC

thats all i can muster right now but i look forward to seeing you all soon

Thanks Robert

Friday, June 27, 2008

...O' Michigan Michigan

I don't want to live in you...

Sorry to any one i offend but, Michigan sucks, the people are cold the land is ugly and at a camp ground i spent to much money on, i got my handlebar bag stolen. I was able to get most the stuff back after talking to the other groups but my camera came back to me with all my photos gone so here's a continuation of my list.

tooth brush -- Irons MI
all my ever lov'n photos -- Irons MI
compass --Irons MI
bunch of change -- MI



Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tis better to loved and losted

Well its been a while since i wrote a normal blog so i dont even know where to begin. Should i tell you about the bike kids from Eau Claire, my cramped car ride from Minot to Bismark and the punk rock show, my time in Rugby and the pros and cons of Holstein vs. Angus cows, why every one should bring a friend to Climax Minnesota or should i tell you about the awesome bike path from Laporte to Baxter.

So i think i will just make a list of all the things Loved and Lost

Bike gloves--Left at home
Clip to one of my bags--in route to North Bend Wa
Water bottle-- Vantage Wa
Bike -- Spokane Wa bus 28
Hex wrench--Pend Orille Id
Wool socks-- White fish Mt
Water bottle-- Haver Mt (given to hitch hiker)
Hi Lo sweat shirt-- Minot Nd
Bank card--Minot Nd
Chelsea's water bottle -- Minot Nd
cotton socks--????

If you find any of these things please get in contact with me


Special thanks to Pam & Wayne for saving me from the thunder storm and the apple pie.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why not Minot

i will make this short because only half my brain is working right now

take Ten cyclists drop them in the middle of North Dakota in a town with the motto WHY NOT MINOT and an awesome host like Billy.

You will feel like crap the next day and consider selling your bike and hopping trains.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

the Great Plains = the Big Boreings

Hello from the future!!!!!!

Well before it wasn't such a big deal when i bast from pacific time to mountain time now I'm in central time !!! that's a whole two hours in the future so if you want to call me up and be like what is going to happen on FRIENDS i can be like "Chandler just hit his head on the door and it was funny".

I rode going to the sun road but didn't make it to the sun because there was road construction on the way back down i saw i big black bear and took some photos. I crossed the Rocky's and saw the Continental divide, the sign kinda sucks, hung out with the lodgeys or the kids who work at the glacier park lodge. Then cruised down the mountains to Browning and had an Indian Taco in Haver MT i finally meet my Idaho racist, i helped him program his DVD player, then i rode on and saw a lot of dirt grass cows then more grass.

now I'm in Williston North Dakota and I'm already seeing evergreen trees so i hope in a couple of days i will be out of the great planes and in a cycling paradise with no hills, shade and no wind.



Monday, June 2, 2008


The F.O.E. has decided to try and get me some money for a charity of my chooseing. so im not that good at being choosie so i would like y' to help me.

It should be a national orginization
and should be American

so tell me what you think in my comment section

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Relaxing in a Rock'N-Chair before Rock'N The Rockys

Thanks every one for there comments. Its nice to hear from you all. And to Mellisa im shure would like a place to crash i think my clothes will need to be washed too ,but i think thats a couple of weeks away.

of the boarder to Well since we last "spoke" in Spokane, i have ridden to lake Pend Oreille, pronounced Ponderay Idaho, then Libby Montana met some nice folks there at the F.O.E. learned a lesson or two the peddled just SouthEurica and back south to Whitefish, a little oasis of hippy lawerer who have nothing better to do than ski and eat hummus. But i love it i decided to take a day of sabatical here and enjoy the things i do at home. Drink 6 cups of coffee and read the news paper front to back because for the next two days i will be putting up the great Rockys

Well let me get to the lessons i learned; Don't talk polatics at the Eagles & Dont go to the Eagles Hall if, you have plans the next day. You might meet someone like Rod and Jane Krutze. The first things Rod Krutze a Boiler-maker said to me is "i want to be chapter three in your book", i dont know if there will ever be a book, or if i remember enough form that nite. but i did sleep in there son's bed and meet there dog Daisy who ate my soap and had one hell of a breakfast and now i know if I'm in any trouble i will call Rod Krutze and he will call the Boiler-Makers Union Local and all my problems will be taken care of.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Spokes in Spokane

Hello every one here i am in sunny Spokane feeling good since we last spoke i road from Cle Elum to Vantage Washington on the banks of the Columbia River then stayed the nite in Odessa and was awoken to the spray of the sprinklers arriving here yesterday, staying with Erik.

The body is amazing so on Saturday i road 80 miles and half of that i stupidly road in the heat of the mid day sun i got a sun burn through my shirt and the last ten miles i was fantasizing about the meal i would get in the next town.

I would walk in to the bar and say "i want a tall beer first. Then you largest burger with extra everything"

Well i did just that. I drank the beer like it was water, then scarfed the burger down, the went to the bathroom and barfed it all back up. and the only thing i regretted was that i spent ten dollars on what was now in the toilet. I did talk to the bartender about my trip and she said i could stay in the park in the center of town so i thought that was about ten dollars worth of advice. I headed to the park and spend the next two hours nursing my water bottle and took a nap and then set up camp it was a great site with soft green grass the only problem is that there is a sprinkler that gos off at 4:30 in the morning. The silver lining in that is that i was on the road by five and traveled 70 miles by 11 missing the heat
Here's where the amazingness of the body comes in. That day Erik and i lived it up. We drank coffee at his coffee shop, played Frisbee, drake 8 different kinds of beer and got quite drunk, made an awesome dinner and watched a movie going to bed at one. Thats all after riding 70 miles and waking up at 430

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day Two

yesterday i got a rain burn and today i got a sun burn, i really didn't get a rain burn i don't even know what that means but i most defiantly got a sun burn. on my arms it makes a kinda cool stripe on the top its bright pink then a perfect line that contoured one of my veins that sticks out then underneath its white its fun !

I traveled to my Aunt Alice's house in North Bend yesterday where she let me sleep in he living room and play with here grand son Justin. He is four and has the coolest collection of trains i am so jealous he could make a track all the way around his house but. I'm getting side tract again in the morning i left there place at around nine and got the the summit of Snoqualmi pass around 1230. About a mile before the pass this guy caught up with me he was 62 years old and had ridden there from Seattle 60 miles away we got to the pass and had our lunch together and said good bye and he was off to ride all the way back, 120 miles. My God! now i cant brag about any thing.

After that it was all down hill to Cle Elm where I'm staying n uncle Jacks trailer
thanks Gregg
well that all for now

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day IX

Nine more days till departure. This morning i just arrived from a shake down ride to Tawana State Park, a couple miles past Belfair, every thing went swimmingly as in all my gear worked perfectly and i also got very wet. I left at at around 3:00 just as a few of raindrops freckled my glasses pulled out my rain jacket then road a mile the sun came back, put it away, road two more miles then put it back on. This time it stayed on for the rest of the day. the warm rain soaked my pants and shoes. Most of it i was wishing for the sun, but when the sun did come it came with hail and a cold wind that turned my toes in to ice cubes.

i know this all sounds like a lot of belly aching and it is. although it was not the ideal weather for a bike ride every think went just as i hoped all my gear stayed dry my tent went up without a problem in i learned that wet toes are something to be avoided. think i need one more trip one that last more than one nite and i will be ready to go.

this Sunday i am planing a bike brewery tour of Seattle so give me a call if you want


Monday, April 28, 2008

day XIV

This is the intro to by bike trip blog. As in i haven't left yet i am working on Graces lap top in the library having just finished "Internet chatting" with Chelsea. Chelsea's been in Guatemala for 16 days, i have One more day of work, 13 days before i leave and who knows how long till i return. this is my first post i in the next couple of days i will try to tell you about my self then, when i leave i will tell you what is happening to me so stay tuned.