Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day IX

Nine more days till departure. This morning i just arrived from a shake down ride to Tawana State Park, a couple miles past Belfair, every thing went swimmingly as in all my gear worked perfectly and i also got very wet. I left at at around 3:00 just as a few of raindrops freckled my glasses pulled out my rain jacket then road a mile the sun came back, put it away, road two more miles then put it back on. This time it stayed on for the rest of the day. the warm rain soaked my pants and shoes. Most of it i was wishing for the sun, but when the sun did come it came with hail and a cold wind that turned my toes in to ice cubes.

i know this all sounds like a lot of belly aching and it is. although it was not the ideal weather for a bike ride every think went just as i hoped all my gear stayed dry my tent went up without a problem in i learned that wet toes are something to be avoided. think i need one more trip one that last more than one nite and i will be ready to go.

this Sunday i am planing a bike brewery tour of Seattle so give me a call if you want


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