Monday, May 19, 2008

Spokes in Spokane

Hello every one here i am in sunny Spokane feeling good since we last spoke i road from Cle Elum to Vantage Washington on the banks of the Columbia River then stayed the nite in Odessa and was awoken to the spray of the sprinklers arriving here yesterday, staying with Erik.

The body is amazing so on Saturday i road 80 miles and half of that i stupidly road in the heat of the mid day sun i got a sun burn through my shirt and the last ten miles i was fantasizing about the meal i would get in the next town.

I would walk in to the bar and say "i want a tall beer first. Then you largest burger with extra everything"

Well i did just that. I drank the beer like it was water, then scarfed the burger down, the went to the bathroom and barfed it all back up. and the only thing i regretted was that i spent ten dollars on what was now in the toilet. I did talk to the bartender about my trip and she said i could stay in the park in the center of town so i thought that was about ten dollars worth of advice. I headed to the park and spend the next two hours nursing my water bottle and took a nap and then set up camp it was a great site with soft green grass the only problem is that there is a sprinkler that gos off at 4:30 in the morning. The silver lining in that is that i was on the road by five and traveled 70 miles by 11 missing the heat
Here's where the amazingness of the body comes in. That day Erik and i lived it up. We drank coffee at his coffee shop, played Frisbee, drake 8 different kinds of beer and got quite drunk, made an awesome dinner and watched a movie going to bed at one. Thats all after riding 70 miles and waking up at 430


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. I hope you didn't get disturbed by mice/chipmunks in the grass?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bert, Melissa here. What a cool adventure for you! I see you spend time in Minnesota. When abouts will you be reaching the 10,000+ lakes area? Let me know where/when and if you need a place to crash I may be able to help if I have a place by then. Pedal hard, ride free!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert, I hope that you are having an amazing time and meeting lots of nice people. Work your magic and get those nice people to buy you drinks. That way when you puke them back up you won't feel so bad. I love you. Ride strong.
xoxo Grace

EarlRural said...

Hi Robert,
The gang at the Eagles are really excited about your trip. I found a map of the US of A, and I'll take it down to the Aerie so all the brothers can keep up with your quest. Really enjoying your blog, sounds like you are making great time. Sorry I missed your call the other day, would have really liked to talk to you.
Keep an eye out for Bigfoot.