Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day Two

yesterday i got a rain burn and today i got a sun burn, i really didn't get a rain burn i don't even know what that means but i most defiantly got a sun burn. on my arms it makes a kinda cool stripe on the top its bright pink then a perfect line that contoured one of my veins that sticks out then underneath its white its fun !

I traveled to my Aunt Alice's house in North Bend yesterday where she let me sleep in he living room and play with here grand son Justin. He is four and has the coolest collection of trains i am so jealous he could make a track all the way around his house but. I'm getting side tract again in the morning i left there place at around nine and got the the summit of Snoqualmi pass around 1230. About a mile before the pass this guy caught up with me he was 62 years old and had ridden there from Seattle 60 miles away we got to the pass and had our lunch together and said good bye and he was off to ride all the way back, 120 miles. My God! now i cant brag about any thing.

After that it was all down hill to Cle Elm where I'm staying n uncle Jacks trailer
thanks Gregg
well that all for now


Tristan said...

Sounds like an adventure already. Wish I was pedaling alongside. Keep on with the biking and the blogging.

carminette said...

WOW! Almost over the Cascades....I guess that means it is all downhill til the Rockies, right?
I am so jealous...keep us posted on all your adventures.