Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Relaxing in a Rock'N-Chair before Rock'N The Rockys

Thanks every one for there comments. Its nice to hear from you all. And to Mellisa im shure would like a place to crash i think my clothes will need to be washed too ,but i think thats a couple of weeks away.

of the boarder to Well since we last "spoke" in Spokane, i have ridden to lake Pend Oreille, pronounced Ponderay Idaho, then Libby Montana met some nice folks there at the F.O.E. learned a lesson or two the peddled just SouthEurica and back south to Whitefish, a little oasis of hippy lawerer who have nothing better to do than ski and eat hummus. But i love it i decided to take a day of sabatical here and enjoy the things i do at home. Drink 6 cups of coffee and read the news paper front to back because for the next two days i will be putting up the great Rockys

Well let me get to the lessons i learned; Don't talk polatics at the Eagles & Dont go to the Eagles Hall if, you have plans the next day. You might meet someone like Rod and Jane Krutze. The first things Rod Krutze a Boiler-maker said to me is "i want to be chapter three in your book", i dont know if there will ever be a book, or if i remember enough form that nite. but i did sleep in there son's bed and meet there dog Daisy who ate my soap and had one hell of a breakfast and now i know if I'm in any trouble i will call Rod Krutze and he will call the Boiler-Makers Union Local and all my problems will be taken care of.



Eleanor the Great said...


Thanks for letting me in on it. :) Sounds like you are making good progress!

Rappin Injun said...

A Boy Named Ro'bert

His name's now Bert
cuz he's on the road
where everything is new
and he's shed the old
He may be woolly
He may have lice
But check his underarms
and sniff the spice of life!

Anonymous said...

And Rod will send in the cavaliry, which will be the Broilers union... That would make an awesome chapter to your book. I'm glad you are making memories.